Samsung NX300 user review In this Samsung NX300 user review you will get my real long term personal experience with NX300 as it is my main camera. I’ve been using this camera for 8 months but first I would like to start with my previous experience with the NX system. I had an NX200 before […]

You can see my NX300 photos in video I made of them. These are photos from first months of using the NX300 camera. I’ve used this camera since march 2013 and I really love it’s features and performance.

Watch the gallery on this page to see photos taken with my Samsung NX300!

I’ve just created a video full of NX200 photos. Here it is. I recommend to watch it in Full HD.      

A long term NX200 review Introduction You can find plenty of numbers, measures and parameters in ordinary NX200 review but this article is different. I’ve been using this camera for 15 months since I decided to buy it until I got its younger brother, the Samsung NX300. I want to share my personal long term experience […]